Do Practice Tests Really Help You Pass Your Insurance Licensing Exam?

29 June 2015
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In order to be able to sell insurance policies, you have to understand the intricacies of the types of policies on the market. Every state has its own specific regulations on how many hours of education and training you need to be eligible for a license, but all states have one thing in common: The test.

Each state makes its own decisions about what type of exam is required for potential agents of life, accident, health and property insurance. But no matter where you are located in the U.S., you will have to pass an extensive exam that tests your knowledge.  

These tests can be difficult. To make sure that you are ready to pass your state's test, you can enroll in courses that prepare you for the exam.

Using Practice Tests for Preparation

Why take practice tests when you're getting ready for a big exam? After all, couldn't you just review practice test questions as you have time?

There are actually several benefits to taking a full practice test.

  • Mirroring test conditions. It may have been a while since you took a standardized type of test. Sitting for the full length of time you'll be tested and putting your focus into answering questions can help you assess your level of focus and how well you can concentrate for the length of the test. If you have trouble, you can work on exercises to increase your focus.
  • Better understanding of the test set-up. If you're taking the test on a computer, you'll get familiar with the controls. If you're taking the test on paper, you'll get more comfortable with the layout of the test questions. This means one less thing you'll have to master on the actual test day.
  • Exposure to more practice questions. Even if you practice answers to probable questions with flashcards or a workbook, your brain won't have the same experience of working on one question after another as it will when you sit in front of a test. Your results on a full practice test can identify areas where you need improvement instead of being focused on individual questions and answers.

Importance of Taking Administered Practice Tests

Having access to and taking actual practice tests is one huge benefit of enrolling in a preparation course. Even if you are very disciplined, there is still a gap between finding, taking and grading a practice exam by yourself and having one administered by a test preparation coach or teacher in a realistic exam environment.

In one study of how well practice tests helped high school students prepare for the SAT college exam, the College Board found that students who took the pre-SAT had higher SAT scores by up to 78 points over kids who did not. The pre-SAT, or PSAT, is administered in conditions much like the actual SAT. However, there is no such practice or pretest for your insurance license exam.

A test improvement course for your insurance license exam can help you perform better because you'll be exposed to possible test questions, the format of the test, and the conditions under which the test will be administered. These factors can make the actual test go more smoothly and give you the confidence to pass your licensing exam.