3 Types Of Car Insurance

30 September 2015
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


Keeping your car insured is sure to be the best way to have the peace of mind you need. Being able to avoid a financial disaster in the event you're involved in an accident is important during all stages of life. It's ideal to understand what your coverage options are to allow you to make the best insurance selection.

Type #1: Liability Insurance

One way to ensure your financial bills are paid that were due to an accident, such as lost wages, damage to your car and other losses, you should have liability insurance. This insurance will pay if you're the one who is at fault for the accident.

Most states legally require you to carry a specific amount of liability coverage. However, it's a good idea to increase this amount to ensure you aren't stuck with paying out-of-pocket costs if the auto damages exceed the liability limits that are in place.

Type #2: Comprehensive Insurance

One of the best ways to ensure any and all damage to your car is covered is by getting comprehensive coverage. This insurance will pay for the things that are listed below:

1. Theft – Has your car been robbed? If so, this type of coverage will pay for any of your losses for items that have been stolen.

2.  Accidents – Being involved in any type of collision can be a scary time. You're sure to face many financial challenges, and some of these may include getting your car repaired or entirely replaced. Comprehensive coverage will do this for you.

3.  Storm or wind damage – If your vehicle has been damaged due to hail, the wind or other storm causes, you will be able to get a payment of this if you have comprehensive coverage.

Type #3: Uninsured Motorist Insurance

Being involved in an accident with an individual who isn't insured can be a financially draining time. One way to protect you in the event this happens is by getting uninsured motorist insurance. This will allow you to receive payment for any losses that may have occurred during the incident.

Be sure to take the time to find the right amount of automobile insurance you need regardless what type of unfortunate situation that you may be involved in at the time. You can get the full details of all this types of policies by scheduling some time to talk with your insurance agent, like those at TLC Associates.