Three Business Insurance Details You Should Be Aware Of When You Own A Small Restaurant

18 May 2016
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


If you're running a small restaurant, it can be easy to think that you only need liability insurance for your establishment and make payments without thinking anymore about it. However, there are things you should know about what other insurance you may need and how you might be able to lower your insurance costs. Here are three details to be aware of.

Ensure Good Training to Cut Down on Workers' Compensation Claims

You may hire employees for your restaurant and provide minimal training, assuming that they know the right way to work with your kitchen equipment. However, if they should become injured while working for you, it might be because of lack of adequate training. If that happens, you could be dealing with workers' compensation claims; as a result of that, your business insurance premiums may go up.

To keep your insurance costs down, make sure that you or your managers personally train staff carefully so that they are aware of the proper procedures and know how to safely handle equipment in your restaurant.

Get Necessary Repairs Done Right Away

As your busy restaurant functions day after day, it is easy to notice things that need to get fixed, but you just might not have time to call a repairman in. You may think it can wait. However, if equipment breaks during the dinner rush, you might end up losing money because you won't be able to feed as many customers. That may mean you need to file some kind of claim on your insurance, and that could drive up your costs.

Instead, take a weekly inventory of all your equipment and make sure that it is working as it should. Set time apart each week to handle requests for repairs and find new equipment in the event of a problem.

Consider Insurance for Assault and Battery if There is a Bar

If a bar is part of your restaurant, it might not occur to you to take out special insurance for that part of your business. However, people may become belligerent or argumentative after they have been drinking; if there are fights from time to time, you need to protect your own interests. This can be done by getting some kind of insurance coverage for assault and battery.

Now that you are aware of more business insurance information that can help your company, get in touch with a local insurance agent, such as those at Welsh Insurance Agency Inc.. They will be able to analyze your particular restaurant and make sure you have the coverage you need.