Ask For These Three Auto Insurance Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

7 June 2016
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


When it comes to buying a new auto insurance policy or updating a current policy, it's important that customers are proactive about getting the features that will serve them best in the months and years ahead. If you aren't overly passionate about insurance, you might be tempted to simply ask for a "standard style" of policy so you can quickly get the paperwork done, but it's always worthwhile to evaluate which upgrades make sense for you. Here are three common features that aren't necessarily available in a standard policy, but are often possible to get by asking for them when you're speaking to your local insurance agent.

Coverage When You Rent A Vehicle

Whether you favor renting vehicles for road trips or you're someone who frequently flies and finds himself or herself renting cars in different cities, it's ideal if you can set up your auto insurance policy to provide you with enhanced coverage for when you're driving a rented vehicle. If your policy doesn't have this type of cover, you'll find yourself constantly evaluating whether you should accept the insurance option when you're standing at the rental car counter and filling out the extra paperwork, which continuously takes time. It's a good idea to determine the added cost with your provider, if any, of getting this upgrade, and then evaluate how often you travel and how much it typically costs to get the added insurance each time you rent a vehicle. In many cases, upgrading your insurance in this manner will make financial sense.

Access To A Rental Car When Your Vehicle Is Unavailable

Upon being in an accident or having major work done on your vehicle, one of the hassles you'll face is either getting constant rides from family members or arranging a rental car. It's far easier if your insurance policy takes care of this task for you. Talk to your agent about making this upgrade. Even though no one wants the inconvenience of having a vehicle in the repair shop, it's a good feeling to know there will be a rental car waiting for you.

No Premium Increase For First At-Fault Accident

Auto insurance companies know that every driver can make a mistake, which is why it's often possible have a policy that won't increase your premium after your first at-fault accident. It's stressful enough being in an accident, especially if you caused it, but it's a comfort to know that you won't suffer financially for your mistake. For more info, contact an insurance agent in your area.