Why Do You Need SR-22 Insurance?

11 October 2021
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


People who drive or own cars need to purchase auto insurance, but some people also need SR-22 insurance. Why would you need this extra insurance? Do you even understand what it is? SR-22 is high-risk car insurance that you might need for various reasons. There are many reasons people need it, and here are several vital things to know about it.

You Had a DUI

A DUI is one of the most serious driving offenses you can get. When you drive under the influence, you put yourself and others at risk for injuries. Drinking and driving impairs your judgment and your ability to drive, and it can lead to accidents. As a result, states take this offense seriously and often require SR-22 insurance for people afterward. If you had a DUI, you can expect the state to require this for you. Having SR-22 insurance helps the state monitor your insurance and driver's license, and that helps to reduce the risks that you might drive under the influence again.

You Had Many Traffic Violations

In some cases, people might need SR-22 even without getting DUIs. For example, if you get caught driving without car insurance, you might need SR-22 insurance. You might also need it if you get too many traffic violations. If you have multiple speeding tickets or other violations, you might reach a point where you must buy SR-22 insurance to keep your driving privileges.

You Are a High-Risk Driver and Need Accountability

People generally only need SR-22 insurance when they are high-risk drivers and need accountability. When you buy this type of car insurance, you receive car insurance coverage, but that is not all. The company that sells you the plan monitors your insurance coverage and notifies the DMV if your insurance lapses.

You Want to Keep Your Driver's License

The other reason you might need SR-22 insurance is to keep your driver's license. If you experienced a DUI or too many traffic violations, you might have a choice. You could lose your driving privileges from these events or purchase SR-22 insurance to keep them. If you face this choice, you should consider buying a plan to meet this requirement, as you will need to meet it either way.

High-risk drivers might be able to keep their driving privileges if they purchase SR-22 insurance. If you need it, you should buy a plan today. You can learn more about your options and costs by contacting an auto insurance company. Go to websites about SR-22 insurance to learn more.