Who Might Hire An Insurance Damages Expert?

6 June 2022
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


Insurance damages experts are professionals who have experience looking at insurance claims and determining how much the damages might be in the case. Some of these experts specialize in certain fields, such as vehicle damage or personal injury cases. Others work on cases of all different types. These professionals are typically good at performing inspections, using calculators and software to determine damages, and more. These professionals are hired by a variety of individuals and businesses. These are some of the parties that might want to hire an insurance damages expert:

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies typically have their own insurance adjusters and other professionals who might help them with things like calculating damages and handling claims. However, there are various scenarios in which an insurance company might reach out to an independent insurance damages expert. They might do so if they think that one of their insurance adjusters has made a mistake, if a customer is fighting the claim, or if they are trying to calculate damages on a big and expensive case and want to be sure that they don't make any mistakes.


In some cases, individuals might work with an insurance damages expert. If you have recently filed a claim with your insurance company, for example, you might have done so under the assumption that your insurance company would pay out the amount that they were supposed to pay. However, you might disagree with what the insurance adjuster has said and what the insurance company has offered you, and you could be wondering what you can do to get the money that you are entitled to. If you work one-on-one with an insurance damages expert, they should be able to calculate how much the insurance company should pay you. Then you can use their documentation as evidence when fighting against your insurance company, even if you don't have a lawyer representing you.


If you have hired a lawyer to help you with a recent insurance claim, then there is a good chance that your lawyer will bring in a few experts to help with the case. If your lawyer is fighting for you to get paid a certain amount by the insurance company, for example, they might bring in an insurance damages expert to help. They might use their documentation when fighting for a settlement, or they might ask the expert to testify on the stand if your case goes to trial.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for an insurance damages expert from a service near you.