Planning To Travel This Summer? Use These Tips To Keep Your House Safe

25 March 2016
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


While it's easy to spend the days and weeks leading up to a summer vacation daydreaming about your destination, it's also important to give some consideration to the security of your home while you're away. A break-in can not only put a damper on your vacation, but also cause your home insurance rate to climb -- or, at the very least, cost you money in the form of having to pay your deductible. While having a home security system installed can limit the chance of a break-in, there are several other steps that you can take to make your home less likely to be targeted.

Put Your Newspaper And Mail Delivery On Hold

Although some homeowners arrange to have a neighbor pick up their newspaper and mail, there's a more reliable method to consider. Contact your local newspaper office and your mail delivery service and ask to have these deliveries put on hold for a specific number of days. Doing so is easy -- you can often perform the task online -- and will ensure that papers and mail aren't piling up around your front door and sending a clear message that you're not home.

Hire A Neighbor To Mow The Lawn

It's a good idea to mow the lawn the day before you leave -- and if you're traveling for only a few days, this might be enough to ensure that your home has a lived-in look while it's empty. However, if you plan to travel longer, hire a neighbor to mow the lawn partway through your vacation. Many neighborhood kids will appreciate the opportunity to make some money and you'll be happy knowing that your yard looks properly maintained.

Alert The Police To Your Absence

Many local police departments are happy to hear from residents who will be traveling for an extended period of time, so don't feel awkward calling to provide this information. Just leave your home address and the date that you'll return, and a police officer may make a couple trips past your home while you're out of town.

Consider Taking A Cab To The Airport

You'll need your vehicle if you're taking a road trip, but if you're flying somewhere, it can be smart to leave your vehicle in your driveway instead of parking it at the airport. Arrange for taxi transportation to the airport and take comfort in knowing that the presence of your vehicle can be enough to give the impression that your home is occupied.

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