How To Keep Your Thanksgiving Road Travel Safer

11 October 2016
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With more motorists hitting the roads during Thanksgiving week to visit family and friends, the holiday is a dangerous time for travel. Increased traffic on the highways and roadways increases the risk of motor vehicle accidents. While an auto collision may increase your insurance rates, a traffic ticket or fender bender can do the same–besides getting your holiday season off to a more costly and stressful start. Therefore, it helps to know what factors contribute to Thanksgiving crashes and what you can do to avoid them. Read More 

Arson And Break-Ins: Will Your Homeowner’s Insurance Allow You To File A Claim?

26 September 2016
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There are some situations where you may be denied a claim on your homeowner's insurance, either because you were reckless, or because the insurance company views it as your fault. Two particular situations, arson and break-ins where you left windows open or doors unlocked, might result in denied claims. Here is why. Arson: Denied Arson may be a deniable claim under your homeowner's insurance. It may be because it is not a covered incident, like floods and a lack of flood insurance. Read More 

2 Reasons To Consider A Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance Policy

7 September 2016
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One of the most important types of insurance policy that you can consider is a hybrid long-term care insurance, mostly because of the many ways in which it can benefit you. This type of policy is intended to help you pay for care in the event that you develop a debilitating disease or illness. Listed below are two reasons to consider a hybrid long-term care insurance policy. Benefits Are Not Wasted Read More 

Do You Change Beneficiaries On Your Insurance Policy Before Or After The Wedding?

23 August 2016
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If you're engaged to be married, should you change your life insurance policy before the wedding day? Do you wait until you've both said your vows and the minister has signed the certificate? While the decision is ultimately yours, these are some things that you need to consider. Would you leave your intended spouse in a financial bind? Are you and your intended spouse paying for the wedding yourselves? It's not uncommon these days for couples to pay for all or part of the festivities, and all those small expenses add up very quickly. Read More 

Saving Money On Auto Insurance For A Teen

1 August 2016
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Automobile accidents are the primary cause of death in children aged 15-19. For this reason, teens are especially expensive to cover when it comes to auto insurance. In fact, adding a teen to a policy can increase the cost of the policy by up to double the original cost. Lower the cost of auto insurance for teens by following these simple tips.  1. Good Grades Many insurance companies offer discounts for teens with a GPA of a 3. Read More