Saving Money On Auto Insurance For A Teen

1 August 2016
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


Automobile accidents are the primary cause of death in children aged 15-19. For this reason, teens are especially expensive to cover when it comes to auto insurance. In fact, adding a teen to a policy can increase the cost of the policy by up to double the original cost. Lower the cost of auto insurance for teens by following these simple tips. 

1. Good Grades

Many insurance companies offer discounts for teens with a GPA of a 3.0 or higher. Show a teen's report card to the insurance agency to get immediate savings. If a teen has made the honor roll or preformed especially well on national standardized tests, these may also be used for a discount. Many companies allow the good grade discount for anyone under the age of 25. The better the grades, the greater the discount. 

2. Limited Driving in College

52% of children on college campuses do not have a car on campus. This means that the child is not using the car very often. This can provide serious savings. Many companies require the child to be at a campus at least 100 miles away from the car in order to qualify for these discounts. 

3. Driver Safety Education Course

Numerous facilities offer additional safety classes for new drivers. Driver's Education in school will allow a child to get a license, but additional training can make a child an even better driver. Children under the age of 25 can complete one of these classes for a discount up to 15%. 

4. Pick the Right Car

Less expensive cars cost less to repair in the case of an accident. For this reason, a child with a less expensive car will generally be cheaper to insure. New cars may have more safety features, but those safety features come with a substantial price tag. 

5. Driver Monitoring Technology

Many insurance companies today have devices to help monitor a person's driving. Not only will putting these devices in a car assist in training a child to drive better, but it will also decrease the premium. In certain instances, the discount can be 30%. 

Insuring a teen will be an additional cost. Teens, particularly boys, are more at risk for getting in an accident. However, utilizing these tips will also keep that extra expense to a minimum. For more information, get in touch with an insurance company such as ESI Insurance Agency.