How Medicare Can Help With Nursing Home Care

30 January 2017
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Many seniors will fight against going to a nursing home but there are actually many benefits to them. These benefits are part of why Medicare has adjusted its coverage to offer some help to those who live in nursing homes. Just a few ways they can benefit a senior include:

  • Help with everyday tasks, such as preparing food and doing laundry
  • Active engagement in a large social group
  • Eased housekeeping demands on a tired senior
  • Specialized healthcare that provides each with their own treatment needs
  • Variety of resources, such as the internet or phone, that helps them live an active life

The one problem that many seniors feel when deciding on entering a nursing home is paying for it. It isn't cheap, but Medicare does offer some help in covering these costs. First of all, it's worth breaking down the various costs associated with nursing homes.

The Costs Of Living In A Nursing Home Will Vary

The average costs of living in a nursing home can be quite high. For example, a semi-private room can cost $6,000 or more every month while a private room can cost nearly $7,000. The reasons for these high prices are simple: the home not only provides a living center for seniors, but also food, cable, heating, telephone, internet, all utilities, and the cost of wages for the nursing home providers.

Many insurance companies will pay for care in a nursing home, but many seniors may feel unable to get this type of insurance. Medicare can help them out in many ways here, particularly in paying for certain types of treatment.

What Medicare Will Cover In A Nursing Home

Medicare coverage for a nursing home will kick in if a person needs skilled care or otherwise can't take care of themselves without nursing home help. Someone who simply moves to a nursing home because they want company but who can otherwise take care of themselves, may not qualify. However, Medicare Advantage Plans (particularly Part C) can help cover care from a home with which it has a contract.

Other ways that Medicare can help include covering prescription drugs and paying for health treatments outside of the nursing home. So while Medicare may not immediately pay for everything associated with living in a nursing home, it can generally be used for a vast majority of it. This makes it a useful options for seniors who qualify and who need to live in a nursing home. Contact a company like Senior Advisors to learn more.