4 Facts About SR-22 Insurance

11 November 2021
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


High-risk drivers often need SR-22 insurance if they want to keep their driving privileges. If you need it, you must find an insurance company that offers it, as some do not. You might also be interested in learning some facts about this unique auto insurance coverage. Here are four facts that you might want to know as you prepare to buy an SR-22 insurance policy.

1. It Is Not Actual Coverage

The first thing to realize is that SR-22 insurance is not actually insurance coverage. It is an insurance product, but it is not the coverage that protects you. Instead, it is a form. An SR-22 form is a document your insurance company prepares that states that you have auto insurance. They send this form to your local DMV, and you receive a copy, too. This form states that you have auto insurance, but you must purchase the insurance plan to go with it.

2. You Need It for a Consecutive Period

When you acquire the SR-22 insurance, you buy it because you have to purchase it. The DMV or court tells you to buy it, and they will also tell you how long you need it. You will likely need it for three years, but there is one vital thing to know. You must keep SR-22 coverage for the consecutive period. You cannot skip a day of coverage. If you do, you lose the time you built up, and your timeframe starts all over again.

3. You Need It Even if You Do Not Own a Car

The third fact about SR-22 insurance is that you need the coverage whether you own a car or not. If you do not have a car, you must still buy a plan, but you will buy a different type of plan. The type you will need is a non-owner SR-22 insurance plan. This type is for people who need SR-22 insurance but do not own vehicles.

4. You Can Switch Providers

The final fact to know is that you can switch auto insurance providers at any time. If you do this, though, make sure you start a new policy before you cancel your current one, as this prevents a lapse in coverage.

If you want to buy the right SR-22 insurance, contact an auto insurance agent to learn more about your options. You can also request quotes from several companies if you would like to see the differences in rates.